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Welcome to the Oscars of Technology

It is a pleasure to bring everyone the 10th Annual Media Excellence Awards in 2017 and excited to bring MEA EUROPE to market. Just as technology evolves, so has the MEAs. We have gone from the days of being a  “mobile” first industry to encompassing forms of  “media” from creation  to distribution platform and in between as it delivers content, games, music, technology, products, television and film to our screens.  As we enter another great year of global innovation, ideation, creation and change in mobile, we also bring about more challenges, growth, disruption and new ground-breaking technologies that will make a difference and impact how the world engages with mobile.

From entertaining others and ourselves by downloading music, games, movies, and television, to sharing videos, information and social media, to shopping and discovering new technology avenues such as eSports,  AI and VR, we all share the same commitment to an industry with such grand certainty–and sometimes uncertainty– because we all believe in the power mobile has on our daily lives.

The MEAs have continued  to grow and evolve with the industry.  What started as a small mobile affinity group years ago has now become one of the largest and most prestigious global technology awards program. We are very proud to include companies, partners and innovators who make up the global mobile ecosystem and that supported us along the way.

The MEAs doesn’t just honor those who create and use ground-breaking technology to better our lives, it also celebrates the hard work, determination, perseverance, creativity, impact and brilliance in the leadership within the companies that helped create the new world in which we live in today.  From studios, brands, content providers, start- ups, products and more, it’s an honor every year to watch rising stars launch, establish success and gain market share as they rise to the top of their game.

As do all our finalists and winners over the past  years, the MEAs also takes pride in striving to be the best of the best in our respective category as the only awards organization of its kind. We understand the hard work, the sweat, the tears, the determination and perseverance it takes to standout.  So we proudly announce our pride and joy, which is the opportunity to honor and celebrate the best in  technology entertainment once a year with the industry.

I want to personally congratulate all of the MEA finalists and winners over the years as well as personally thank those who have helped support the growth of the MEAs and achieve what once started itself as a small idea and dream to a thriving  industry leader.  I look forward to another year of celebrating you!

Respectfully Yours,

Sarah Miller,

CEO, Axis PR & Entertainment
CEO & Founder, MEA

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