2017 Award Categories

Over 25 Categories Covering all things Mobile from Products, Apps and Services from Creation to Delivery.

                                                          We Have a Category for Everyone! 

                                                                             Premier Awards

Humanitarian Award – Awarded to the company that most effectively gave back to the industry or community through philanthropic giving, charitable campaign(s), or social initiatives using technology.

Breakout Trend of the Year – Awarded to the company who best broke out of mainstream with interactive or innovative technology

Mobile Ambassador – Honored to the person who has best worked diligently to make a difference or inspired others to innovate and lead the industry, its programs, and the mobile tech community at large. (Selected by the MEA’s).

Industry Star – Awarded to the best company over-all who has defined groundbreaking and innovative technologies which have changed the way consumers do business or live their lives.

                                                                                        Mobile Business

Payments/ Commerce – Awarded for the best development of a mobile payment / ecommerce solution that allows consumers or retailers to make transactions and pay for purchases.

Multinational Company – Awarded to the  company from around the world who best does business in multiple countries that is focused on innovation or leadership by making a difference with technology.

Innovator – Awarded to the company that best proves to be the most progressive and/or launched the most groundbreaking product or service.

Start-Up – Awarded to a company with less than five years in business that has achieved the most success.

Product – Awarded to the company that best enhances or eases the ability to entertain, communicate or interact with any mobile device or screen.  (FOR PRODUCTS ONLY)

Connected Daily Lifestyle – Awarded to the company who can best build, deliver, entertain and/or impact how consumers engage and interact directly with their home or automobiles.

Social Community– Awarded to the company or service that has fostered  the best new way to connect and communicate with others.

Analytics and Big Data – Awarded to the company that can best track, predict, generate, deliver, package or demonstrate a full range of relevant analytics and data

                                                                                       Mobile Entertainment

Games  – Awarded to the company who best produces, designs or distributes casual, multiplayer, original linear narrative, non-linear interactive or other formats of gaming.

Music – Awarded to the best device or service that changes and improves the way we listen to, share and enjoy music.

Entertainment Related Marketing Campaign – Awarded to the company that can best create or deliver brand awareness and/or viral uptake of the message/offer through any multiplatform engagement for entertainment.

Original Content– Awarded for developing the most innovative user-generated or professionally-produced entertainment content and enhanced the consumer experience.

Entertainment Apps— Awarded for building or delivering any form of entertainment to include lifestyle, fashion, events, travel, etc

Branded Experience – Awarded to the company who can best develop content as an extension or companion program/activity to a traditional TV show or series, fiction or non-fiction; or feature film, fiction or non-fiction.

Sports – Awarded to the best in sports content or sports oriented engagement developed for fans to be experienced or shared via technology.

 Augmented Reality – Awarded for delivering, programing, creating or enhancing a truly immersive experience to consumers through augmented reality.

Virtual Reality – Awarded for delivering, programing or creating an immersive virtual reality experience focused on original story telling, visual effects or other exciting experiences.

Best eSPorts – Awarded to the best company, team, organization, distributor or platform that has created or contributed to the success of the eSPorts industry, to include gaming hardware, platform, content or distribution.

                                                                                           Mobile Technology

User Experience – Awarded for creating and developing the best intuitive UI (User Interface) or UX (User Experience) for consumer navigation or interaction on any digital platform.

Live Streaming/ Video – Awarded to the best platform, service or function either produces or delivers content for the best immersive or video experience.

Wearable Technology – Awarded for building a cool wearable gadget for busy lifestyles, fashion or otherwise, including health & fitness, sports, music, and entertainment.

Delivery Platform – Awarded to the company that has best developed or contributed to a service, application or technology platform which delivers content and/or services that enhance the consumer experience across multiple screens.

Technology Breakthrough – Awarded to the company that has developed the most innovative product or service which will have a far reaching impact on the industry.

Utility or Productivity Apps— Awarded for building or delivering news, weather, alerts, content management, files or other function that enables better interaction with a device, personal data or content.

Artificial Intelligence— Awarded to building an application or technology that uses or provides AI.

Health, Med and Biotech— Awarded to new technology that best improves the quality, efficacy, and cost-effectiveness of prevention, diagnosis, treatment and care in health and medicine.

Responsive Design— Awarded for creating the best-integrated interaction in terms of engagement, content, aesthetics, and functionality

Immersive Experience– Awarded for content creation and delivery that provides a more completely holistic engaging entertainment experience.

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