Submission Criteria



Submission rates – Submissions entered from August 1st, 2017 through October 1st, 2017 are $550.00 per submission.    Any Submissions accepted between October 1st and October 15th will include a $75 late fee. SUBMISSIONS CLOSE OCTOBER 20th, 2017 at Midnight.

Please provide appropriate information for verification if needed.  Multiple submissions are accepted but each category must be submitted on a separate form.  Multiple submissions received on a single form will be returned for correct re-submission.

Submission forms must be filled out entirely to be accepted. A Company VP or higher MUST be included in the company portion of the submission form for security verification! OR FORMS WILL BE RETURNED UNTIL VERIFICATION OF A COMPANY SUBMITTED EXECUTIVE CAN BE VERIFIED.

Submissions will be judged and scored on:

  • Strategic Initiative & Overview:  Please provide a explanation of why you believe your entry satisfies the criteria chosen above. Judges will look for information regarding the overall business value and/or marketing challenge along with a solid understanding of the mobile strategy. Please ensure your submission references research, creativity, and integration of media types, demographics as well as other strategic considerations for the innovation of the submission). (200 word count Limit)
  • Impact of Technology Used In Industry:  Please provide a detailed explanation surrounding the innovation of the technology used. Please explain how you maximized/optimized the technology used. Feel free to use qualitative data as well. (200 word limit)
  • Tell Us Why You Deserve To Win:  Please provide a short  explanation of why you believe your entry  should win.  Make it as impactful, creative and exciting as you can.   
  • Creativity:  We encourage you to use the designated section for all Website links, sample pages and promos, etc.  Please be sure all URLS, downloads and links are live and working before you submit and stay active until the entire judging process is over.

*URL, Screen Shots and other Visual evidence of submission MUST ACCOMPANY SUBMISSION FORM TO AVOID DISQUALIFICATION* 

The MEA’s can NOT accept any additional information after submissions have been initially received. All URL’s and links MUST be included/embedded in the submission form.  No Exceptions**

Payment and submissions MUST accompany each other to qualify. Any Payments made prior to submission deadline without a submission to avoid a late fee will be charged a late fee.

***All payments will be listed as Mobile Excellence Awards on Credit Card statements.**

*Legal Disclaimer: The MEA organization has the right to remove categories with  2 or less submissions. The MEA organization will execute its best efforts to move to other qualifying categories.  It is sth submitters responsibility to fully read all category descriptions and comply with the legal terms and conditions of the MEA organization.  If the submitter  fails to comply with rules and regulations, or incorrectly submits to  the wrong  category, no refunds will be given. *


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